Week Two was an easier start than Week One as we are all now slightly more settled into military life.  Although it is still a long way from the forgotten days of lie in’s and watching Jeremy Kyle all day.  The week began with a re-teach on rope climbs and more drill along with various others lectures and compulsory phys sessions.  Our Troop as a whole are really motoring through the drill sessions, and looking forward to families’ day next week as a chance to show what we have learnt with no mistakes.  The rope climbing is coming along, albeit slowly, with our Troop PTI dedicating plenty of time to ensuring we are making progress.  The bruises on the knees are now starting to get sore from gripping the ropes although we are told this is a sign of doing it correctly!

This week we have also been split into our sections which we will be in for the remainder of training.  Each section will be taught by their respective Section Commanders.  This allows for more personalised teaching approach and more contact time with instructors.  Later in the week we had our first weapons lesson, which lasted the entire morning.  A steep learning curve indeed.  Try taking classes in Japanese, from beginner to advanced all in one day!  So much to remember, but the Training Team are good and all they ask is that we give 100%.  The weapons drills, were also enjoyable and brought home the reality of what the job would actually involve.

We have also become very familiar with the infamous camp circuits, an 800m loop around the roads within CTC.  As you can imagine, these are a gruelling addition to an already arduous workout.  One lap had to be completed whilst carrying judo mats above our heads in teams of four, although one lad was left on his own so he got given a smaller lighter mat to carry.  Initially things were looking good for him until it covered his eyes and he found the bonnet of a parked van, leaving the Troop’s morale raised again!

The admin on a whole is coming on a lot more now, and this was tested on Friday with our final inspection and potential “Foundation Pass Out”.  Luckily, with a lot of hard work behind the iron, mop and bucket we passed as a Troop, and moved into our new accommodation.  It is fair to say that our nerves were jangling during the inspection when you hope you have met the Training Team’s standards.  The new block is great, we are now sleeping in 6 bed grots which are broken down into sections, allowing us to bond.  Hopefully the more we develop as a team, the quicker the admin becomes and the more time we will have to enjoy our new surroundings.  Onwards and upwards!


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