After arriving at CTCRM bright eyed and bushy tailed, the new recruits of 162 Troop were instantly thrown into military life.  This was certainly a shock to many of the 40 men, whose ages span from 16 to 28.  With 3 transfers from the Army and RN and several recruits with Cadet experience, there was an air of preparedness as we waited to attest and learn of the rigours of training ahead of us. Those who have left the comforts of home and family life were to feel the shock of arrival that bit harder as the magnitude of the task ahead dawned.  After meeting the Training Team and tackling the Foundation Block Admin we were to have our first, albeit restless first night.

The RM Fitness Assessment was the order of the day for Tuesday.  We quickly had to adjust to gymnasium discipline and the general consensus was a tough yet rewarding phys session.  Recruit DAVEY received a special mention on his gym scores.  After the swim assessment, we were to crack on with our personal administration and a tour of the camp.  The following day we collected our equipment and learnt of the importance of personal administration and team work.  After some lectures on pay and insurance we were treated to an IMF session with Corporal Orchard.  Many lessons were learnt, especially the importance of ‘digging out blind’ and being disciplined as individuals and as a Troop.

The following morning we completed a Basic Fitness Test, in which all recruits finished in less than 9mins 50secs.  We then progressed onto rope climbs to finish off the week’s PT sessions. Saturday morning was our first period of drill on the Parade Square. The Troop tackled this session enthusiastically and in good spirits and we had our first photograph together.  With only 40 recruits starting training on day one, getting to know each other has been smooth.  The boys are helping each other with administration as we’re starting to learn our own strengths within the Foundation Block.

Shore leave on Saturday afternoon was great for morale and energy levels, as the first week has been a shock for many.  Plus some variety in the diet was in order.  On Sunday morning we organised our webbing and bergens before a little more shore leave.  Morale is very good within the Troop.  We need to crack down on our sense of urgency and awareness of where we are within the Royal Marines’ spectrum.  This will come as training progresses but the sooner we learn to make the most of every minute the better we will be in these early stages.  We are certainly looking forward to moving forward into week 2 of recruit training.


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