160 Troop Diary – Week 7

160 Troop Diary – Week 7

On Monday the Troop woke at 0500 not knowing what the following week would contain whilst on Exercise Marshall Star.  Before deploying we had a PT session to go over the upcoming Gym Passout next week.   After the IMF session we collected our rifles and kit and loaded our stores for our upcoming exercise on Woodbury Common.  The first day on Woodbury we had a number of lectures on range cards, target indication, map reading etc.  This was followed by time spent navigating around the common to practise what we had learnt.

The second day started with phys taken by the Troop Commander and then we had lessons on fire control orders and further navigation practise as a section.  The highlight was when we had a safety brief on a Sea king Helicopter for a night move to be dropped off far away on the common to then navigate ourselves back to the TroopHarbour.

Wednesday morning we had PT taken by the PTI, further navigation and ended up with an individual night navigation exercise which we all completed.  Thursday we had a load carry back to camp and close quarter battle training covering punching, kicking, elbows and knees.  Overall a hard but good week that we have now achieved and look forward to gym passout next week followed by leave!


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