160 Troop Diary – Week 6

160 Troop Diary – Week 6

After an enjoyable and successful exercise (Quick Cover) the recruits of 160 Troop were eager to crack on with week 6 of training.  During this week we have been introduced to first aid, map reading and practise for Gym passout.  The week started well with our first introduction to first aid, learning the basics on how to approach a casualty, how to care for them and how to perform CPR. All the lads enjoyed these lessons and learnt a lot by getting stuck in.

Exercise Marshall Star is next week and it will include our first taste of navigation during the day and night.  Therefore we began our map reading lectures and learnt how to care for our map, orientate them, take bearings and plan routes, as well as being able to identify symbols on the map.  As these lessons progress the whole Troop got the hang of it and were all confident about it next week.

Week 6 has seen a major step up in the gym standards; passout is in two weeks so the PTI is working hard to get us up to the required standard to take on gym passout.  Thursday was by far one of the more fulfilling and enjoyable days as a whole Troop performed their first live shoot at 25m.  All the dry drills and endless hours in the freezing stances seemed worth it as 95% of the Troop shot the required standard first time.

This week has been very much preparation for Exercise Marshall Star and Gym passout and overall we feel the Troop is performing well.


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