159 Troop Training Diary – Week 9

159 Troop Training Diary – Week 9

Week 9 was a rollercoaster of a week, with gym pass out on the Friday and loads of other things to worry about so there was plenty to keep our minds busy.  For the recruits of 159 Troop all thoughts were on passing out of the gym and finally making it onto bottom field.  We all passed a 1st aid course, practised how to do a resection during our map reading lectures, had royal marines close combat training and a full Troop Commanders inspection during drill, getting ready for week 22 inspection with the adjutant.

Finally Friday came, nerves were at an all time high, and some people during the week’s run through were struggling to make 2 rope climbs, so the pressure to impress was on.  After a honking hour and a half session, which consisted of; opening exercises, ropes, a camp circuit, beam sequence, sit up sequence, sprints and the twist of more rope climbs at the end, every recruit in 159 Troop had passed, all managing 6 rope climbs.  A special shout out to the gym superiors of 159 Troop, Shaw, Hedges, Davies, Rynn, Goodway and Tierney who after the session had to do extra sprints and a further 2 rope climbs.

For 159 Troop this is another week down but many more to go, now the Troop look to Exercise Hunters Moon as the next challenge on the horizon.



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