159 Troop Training Diary – Week 8

159 Troop Training Diary – Week 8

After a very enjoyable week 7, begins a gruelling week 8 for 159 Troop.  We found out that we had the Company Commander’s inspection on Wednesday, so it was a very nervous start to the week. With that put to one side we had to get Monday and Tuesday out of the way first.  Monday/Tuesday consisted of lectures IMF and swimming, we performed well in these as the PT instructors seemed happy.  The phys sessions are being ramped up with gym pass out around the corner, we all want to perform well and pass as individuals and more importantly as a Troop.  So D-day arrived, well Wednesday anyway and the Troop Commander’s inspection, we have all helped out and dug in with the cleaning this week, scrubbing in places that we did not know existed.  Thankfully with a lot of elbow grease and 20-30 bottles of Domestos bleach later we managed to pass the inspection, huge relief all round for the Troop. FAILURE IS NOT AN OPTION 159 TROOP!!

After the inspection we had a sprint session on the Astro turf, this was a hangout but a rewarding session.  Thursday and we had a day with the Mountain Leaders, nerves set in again at the thought of extra PT that we have been hearing about from other Troops in the galley.  So back to cleaning again but on the clasp knifes this time, any grit in the hinges and we were going to be in a lot of pain and very wet.  We had some re-assuring words from Capt Lane “Mess up and you will know about it”.  On the coach to Woodbury the mood was very sombre and you could cut the tension with a well oiled clasp knife.  The lads were opening and closing their clasp knifes frantically convinced that we could hear grit in the joints.  TO LATE NOW CHAPS!!!!  We got off the coach with some hesitation but to our relief the dreaded check did no go ahead.  HOOFING !!!!

So with an added bound in our stride we ran to the first of many lectures, all of which were very informal and will help us out no end in the field.  We learned how to build shelters and make a fire from scratch, which the Mighty 3 section won and first prize were some slightly warm and nearly cooked sausages.  A good day was had by all, apart from the guys who slipped over in lectures. Friday arrived and the day started with a major hang out IMF session, just what the old hamstrings needed.  We dug in and got that cracked with a relative amount of pain, back to the accommodation for a short sharp shower and off to the common again for map reading trying to remember all the things that we forgot in lesson.  It took some of us a bit longer but with the guidance of our training team like Corporal Ross (map reading legend) we all got there in the end.

Off it was for a steady yomp around up and down the common through streams over humps and through gorse, we then all met up back at the R.V ready for the 4 mile run home.  The sun came out for this on the way back which turned a great day’s navigation into a HOOFING day and a fine end to the session.  Quote of the day and training so far came from the one and only Recruit Pollard (in his words) “Corporal Grey doesn’t appreciate how much of a retard I actually am”.  A marvellous end to a very good week 8.


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