157 Troop Diary – Week 13

157 Troop Diary – Week 13

 After a quality weekend in France on the Battlefield Tour, Week 13 started off well with our introduction to bottom field.  We got a taste of what was to come and had a good first session on the assault course.  It was good to finally be out of the gym and doing some outdoor phys.  This was followed very shortly with a trip down to the gas chamber, which was not such an enjoyable experience.  Although it was highly amusing watching everyone’s reaction!  Tuesday brought an introduction to signals, which was interesting.  We learnt a bit about the radio’s we would be using on operations and also learnt how to talk on the radio.  Wednesday continued with signals lectures and an introduction to grenade throwing in the weapons stances.

We had a good day on Thursday as we visited RNAS Yeovilton to carry out Underwater Escape Training, or dunker drills.  It was a quality day and most people got the hang of it pretty well.  We concluded grenade throwing on Friday after our second bottom field session.  We went to the grenade ranges on Woodbury Common and everyone got to throw a live grenade at a target.  The week concluded with a morning of arms Drill and bottom field on Saturday, all in all, a good week with a lot of interesting things happening.  Through all of this the Troop was duty troop for the week so that kept us busy in the evenings and over the weekend.


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