154 Troop Diary – Week 20

154 Troop Diary – Week 20

Monday morning we were straight into the long awaited Bottom Field passout.  We had prepared over the weekend and were all focussed.  We dumped our kit and went straight into the warm up at 100 miles per hour and after tearing up and down the field a few times we got our kit back on, feet never still, always jogging on the spot.

First up was the 30 foot rope climb with our 21lbs of webbing and rifle.  The first group stood under a rope each and when we got the command we started to heave ourselves up the rope as quickly as we could.  We fought our way to the top until we had both hands on the metal shackle holding the rope and screamed our names to get the command to return back to the ground.  Everyone had performed well on the first test and it was then on to the assault course.

The assault course is over 400m of walls, tank traps, low nets, tunnels and monkey bars.  It is about 4 minutes of hard work and aggression to get over or through the obstacles as quickly as possible, again carrying all of our kit.  The small up hill towards the second half of the course feels like the ‘travelator’ with the last few obstacles burning the legs.  As we came across the line we screamed our names before going in to a little walk to try and calm down before the next test.

The next test was arguably one of the hardest, the fireman’s carry.  90 Seconds to carry another recruit across 200m of the Bottom Field while you are carrying your equipment and rifle and so is he.  It is a relevant test as we all know we may have to carry a casualty on Operations once we passout however, it is a real lung buster.  Once we had reached the end then we would quickly switch, and then we would be carried straight back by our partners.

With our lungs still burning it was on to the final test, the re-gain.  We have to Commando crawl across a rope suspended over a tank of water, drop down to a still hang and then get ourselves back up and on top of the rope before continuing to the other side.  A couple of the Troop had problems with this discipline and ended up in the tank for their trouble.

At the end of the session all but a handful had passed without problems, many of these would pass after a re-run attempt later in the week.  The remainder of the week was spent either supporting the guys that had to have a second attempt at passing the Bottom Field or in CBRN lectures.  The week has been another big milestone for 154 Troop having graduated off of the Bottom Field and now looking forward to practicing the Commando Tests ready for the real thing.


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