Week 29 was a field firing exercise.  It started with the Troop transiting to Dartmoor with a variety of weapons to start the exercise.  However, on arrival the weather was too bad to use the ranges so we moved to the accommodation where we would be staying. We ditched our kit and took our rifles and webbing up to some fields as individual sections, to conduct dry fire and manoeuvre routines with the training team.  After this we had some lessons on some new weapons such as the Anti Structure Missile and NLAW.  We completed the weapons handling test for the under-slung grenade launcher which we would use the following day.

The Tuesday consisted of performing fire and manoeuvre as pairs, fire teams and a section with live ammunition.  This would be the first time for the Troop using live ammunition whilst on the move so it was a new experience for us and we were all feeling eager and excited.  Again, the weather limited us to what we could do, and meant we were unable to use the UGLs.  On the following day, the weather was not as bad, so we finally got to have a go with the UGLs.  We went down to the bottom range and each had a go at firing the weapon.  Once this was done, we moved on to some more complex section attacks using both our rifles and the UGL’s.  After this we moved onto the close quarter battle lane, and as pairs moved up the lane clearing the targets as they sprung up.

The final day of the field firing exercise was mainly clearing up the ranges and the accommodation. When we returned to CTC, we had some run-throughs of the Tarzan Assault Course to ensure we were ready for the Commando Test on the following Monday.  Friday morning was a big day for the Troop, the start of the Commando Tests, and the one most lads were nervous about, the Endurance Course.  However once we got to the start line, we were feeling ready and got straight on with it.  The Troop did very well.  We then had the rest of the day and Saturday, to rest and get ready for the remaining tests.  The next one being the 9 mile speed march on Sunday.  Again, the Troop did extremely well and had a 100% pass rate to end the week on a high, getting us ready for the next week of tests and Easter leave!


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