After completing our final exercise in training, week 28 started off with the majority of the Troop still feeling the effects.  Very tired after a long hard week!  The Troop were very anxious knowing that week 28, nicknamed as cheeky week, was going to be a physically tough test due to run throughs of the Endurance Course and Tarzan Assault Course.  As well as having lectures throughout the week our main focal point was these tests, as they would show us whether or not we were fit enough to start our Commando Tests.

The first full run through of the Endurance Course and Tarzan were both very similar for the Troop, in that the lads used this time to get used to the change-overs between obstacles on the Tarzan whilst getting used to the route on the Endurance Course.  This would allow us to make up time where we deemed it needed.  After receiving our times there were mixed reactions from the Troop, as some posted impressive times, while others were feeling slightly disappointed with slower efforts.

The next couple days the Troop got to have more attempts, which greatly helped as the majority of the Troop were now passing both the Endurance Course and the Tarzan, some with impressive times.  In summary, week 28 ended on a high due to good results in the run throughs of tests and the fact we had the Sunday off to rest.  The Troop is now anxiously preparing for the Commando Tests due to start in one week’s time.


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