161 Troop Diary – Week 1&2

161 Troop Diary – Week 1&2

 The first two weeks of training have disappeared in a blur.  We have been attempting to reach the standard expected of marine recruits as quickly as possible.  To say we have adapted to the military way of life quickly would be a complete and utter lie!  Quite a few of the Troop still need their Mum’s to dress them in the morning, which has not exactly been to the Troop Drill Instructors liking.  The transition from civilian to Royal Marine Commando is bound to be a long and arduous journey, already some of the Troop has left us!

Our first real taste of soldiering was given to us on the infamous bottom field where we carried out “wet and dry” routine.  This basically consisted of jumping into the tank with a set of rig on, setting up our ponchos and then changing into dry kit for the night to ensure our sleeping bags stay dry.  During the night we then returned to our freezing wet clothes for sentry duty, before getting back into out dry rig and dry sleeping bag.  There were some searching questions asked by some people that night.  Plenty more of that to come, only 30 weeks to go!


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