160 Troop Diary – Week 5

160 Troop Diary – Week 5

We started off with a 4 mile run along local roads, which we had never done before.  This was as a whole Troop and we worked well together with no one struggling.  Following the run we had a 3hr session of drill, during which time we revised all of the movements that we had learned previously, after this we then moved on to learn new drill movements which were done on the move.

On Tuesday we were preparing for deployment the next day and had to load up the four tonne vehicles which would be carrying our stores and bergans.  Thereafter we got on the coach for the start of Exercise Quick Cover, which would be about teaching us fieldcraft within the field.  We got off the coach and set up the team location.  Next we went onto do various lectures with the Corporals, first of which was on Camouflage and Concealment, then movement in the field, things such as leopard crawling, monkey run etc.  After learning all of this we put it into practise by doing a stalk to see how good our cam was at hiding in a position.  Then after lunch we had more lectures and then set up the Troop harbour.

The second day in the field started with daily admin, and then this was followed by more lectures on fire and movement to make sure we had the knowledge to safely conduct Close Quarter Battle (CQB).  This was followed in the afternoon using blank ammunition to conduct a CQB lane and also conducted a large stalk between the two waiting sections.  We then swapped over.  Following this we then set up the Troop harbour again and had a little fun moment when Recruit Van Weener was presented with his birthday cake.  Throughout the night we conducted sentry routine and field admin.  In the morning we were inspected and the last leg of the exercise was a four mile yomp back to camp.



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