160 Troop Diary – Week 4

160 Troop Diary – Week 4

On return from Families Day weekend leave, 160 Troop had a challenging week ahead.

Monday morning started early with an accommodation inspection followed by 2 periods on rifle practise drills, building us up to our weapons handling tests later in the week.  Later that day 160 Troop was told we would be the gym demos for the PT2’s course to practice on.  This ended in a PT2 taking his assessment test with us.

Tuesday came around and it was the day of our first Exercise off camp and on the famous training area of Woodbury Common.  The weather was bright and warm and the whole Troop set off in high spirits unaware of the evening planned ahead of us.  Upon arrival we were given lectures and a demonstration on the morning routine, how to do sentry and also wet and dry routine.  Once we had set up our harbour area we practised what we had been taught that day during our harbour routine.

Wednesday and Thursday consisted of returning from the field, de-servicing and re-servicing our kit for inspection and rounds.  On Thursday we all had a go at the battle swim test and most passed first time with no problems.Friday went quickly, yet still never quick enough, and the whole Troop has progressed well all week.  Week 5 is only days away buts it is a fantastic feeling seeing us progress as Troop staying strong.  Weapon Handling Tests took place on Friday and it is great to get them passed and see how far we have come in these past few weeks.

160 Troop recruits are all looking forward to the exercise next week.




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