159 Troop Training Diary – Week 7

159 Troop Training Diary – Week 7 

Week 7 the main event was Exercise Marshal Star, but before that we stared the week with a bit of IMF to get us warmed up for the week ahead.  After collecting stores we headed to Woodbury Common where the exercise would begin.  At the start of the exercise we got straight into it with learning Fire Control Orders and Target Indication.  Both very important skills which are used to pin point the enemy so effective fire can be put down by our sections.  Once done we moved to our harbour for the night and the Troop Commander explained what being “Bumped” was about and how to conduct a hasty move; in addition we were taught about “standing too”.  Being bumped is when the enemy attacks your harbour position and you need to move out of that position effectively.  Being stood too is done 15 minutes before first and last light as at these times the enemy are most likely to attack.  Also we got told how defend the harbour if this was to happen.  We did get bumped and had to defend the harbour and get to a safe place or an ERV (Emergency Rendezvous Point).  It was a hoofing moment getting some rounds down and defending the harbour and it certainly got the adrenaline going!

During the exercise we also got shown some pyrotechnics, which are things like trip flares and smoke grenades.  We also got shown how to navigate using compass and map against the ground, we each did a few legs of navigating around the Common.  We were also told that we would be doing a night navigation practice, so we would have to trust our bearings and pacing’s. Before the night ‘nav’, we were all a bit nervous but I am glad to report no one got lost and we all made it back alive.  On the last day of the exercise those that were lucky enough, got a taste of a HOOFING soup made by the Troop Commander.  We are gradually increasing the weight as we yomp, so that there is a gradual progression through training.  We finished the week off with a swim, some lectures on shock and first aid and a cheeky IMF.  The IMF sessions are starting to come together and this is looking good for our gym pass out at week 9 which we are all looking forward to smashing.  But let us not get ahead of ourselves and take one day at a time and onwards to week 8 and its events.


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