159 Troop Training Diary – Week 6

159 Troop Training Diary – Week 6

After an action packed 5th week 159 Troop had loads to look forward to in week 6, experiencing the more academic side of training.  The learning curve continued to rise with the introduction of map reading and first aid; we also spent time refining our weapon drills ready for our first experience of live firing on the ranges.

 Week 6 proved to be another solid week for phys.  The Troop was heard thundering around the gym first thing Monday morning – ecstatic with the hoofing grip of the new ropes.  On Wednesday we completed our second long distance run in boots as a unit; up to 5 miles from the previous weeks 4 miler.  Every man kept with the pace and kept in step, allowing the Troop to finish as a body of men in good time – with enough energy left in the tank to smash two gym sessions later that day.  With gym pass out fast approaching we know we cannot afford to give anything less than 110% when it comes to perfecting our gym routine in order to achieve the highest results – and to let everyone know that 159 Troop will be the Troop to watch out for.

Thursday brought about the Troops first encounter with live ammunition.  Each man fired rounds at a 25m target in the prone, sitting, kneeling and standing position – putting what they had learnt over the first few weeks in to practice.  With no casualties and many accurate rounds fired, 159 Troop walked away with their heads held high – although the joyous mood was slightly dampened when we stripped our rifles down to find they were in a honking state.  Luckily, they were spotless for the kit inspection early Friday morning.

Overall, another productive week completed for 159 Troop.  With the map reading basics under our belt; taking bearings, using grid references, recognising conventional signs, contour slopes and the shape of the ground – the Troop has their sights set on Exercise Marshall Star, commencing next Monday.  Each week seems to fly by, but we are still a long way from achieving the ultimate goal – earning the Green Beret.



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