158 Troop Chronicles – Week 9

158 Troop Chronicles – Week 9

Week 9 saw 158 Troop begin with a busy Monday.  It started with Troop Commander’s inspections and drill interval pass out.  We managed to score 72 points out of 100, so as a Troop we passed and were happy with the results.  This was followed by the first of the gym pass out tests, the BFT.  Everyone passed this and there were some impressive times which meant the moral in the Troop was high.  The afternoon was relaxing with first aid and NVQ lectures.

After these lectures we returned to the accommodation to discover we were bivvying outside due to not showering after drill.  The moral definitely took a nose dive, lads were arguing amongst each other blaming each other for the Troop’s down-fall however, after being given time to do admin we were then given orders for the night.  It turned out to be an interesting night learning how to do Observation Posts (OPs) with ‘proper’ orders.  But with less than 2 hours sleep that night everyone was struggling the next morning.

Tuesday was filled with lectures preparing us for the first aid written and practical tests the next day.  Wednesday began with the first aid written test which everyone passed followed by the 2nd gym test, the Royal Marines Fitness Assessment (RMFA).  This starts with a Bleep Test – which no-one likes! – then sit-ups, press-ups and pull-ups.  After doing phys pretty much every day along with late nights and limited sleep, people’s legs were feeling heavy, however, a lot of scores were bettered from when we did the RMFA in Week 1.  The afternoon consisted of the practical exam for first aid.  This meant a lot of waiting around and filling in NVQ folders which was not the most interesting thing to be doing!

Thursday was the easiest day at CTCRM so far and the only one we will get!  This was due to scheduled lectures and phys sessions being cancelled so a lot of the day was spent doing our own personal administration.  This meant a lot of lads were in better spirit and the mood around the Troop was starting to brighten up from the antics of Monday night.

So Friday was the day everyone has been waiting for – GYM PASS OUT.   This was the final test of the week to assess our ability to be able to move onto bottom field.  Every evening for the previous 2 weeks we had been in the gym as a Troop perfecting moves and grasping the rope climbs.  Unfortunately after 5 minutes our beat was off and you could tell it was going to be a bad day at the office.  In the end we failed.  This is very unusual with Gym Pass Out and we were pretty disappointed, moral was definitely at an all time low.  We failed due to rope climbs, camp circuits and lads not completing exercises on the beam – general lethargy in the gym.  This knocked the Troop back a lot and the only thing which could have made moral drop even more was the news of a re-run on Monday morning.  Everyone is hoping to smash it this time, but a lot of concerns are for some of the lads who may have caused the Troop to fail.

Due to failing it meant a drinking ban over the weekend so a lot of admin was done, especially with preparing things for Monday morning and the start of week 10, Exercise Hunters Moon.  Hopefully moral will pick up for Monday to the pass the gym pass out and set ourselves in good stead for the forth coming exercise.


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