155 Troop Diary – Week 15

155 Troop Diary – Week 15

Monday was judgement day on the back of the performance of Exercise Baptist Run.  For many thoughts of leaving our friends, losing the training team and been ejected from 155 Troop were at the fore front.  Later that day the names were read out and, as a result, we had to say goodbye to some of our ranks.  Moving on, we received lectures on signals, harbour routine, handling detainees, organisation of a Troop/Company and panoramic sketching.  Both the Troop and the Training Team are now looking forward in anticipation for Phase 2 and the particular Exercise First Base in week 16.

After completing the syllabus of Phase 1 training, everyone seems extremely keen to start learning the trade of soldiering with content covered in this next phase.  Of course, this week would not be complete without a visit to the CS gas chamber.  Here we went through various drills designed to make us combat effective during the event of a CBRN attack.  Like our first visit, some enjoyed the symptoms of exposure to CS gas after not carrying out the drills as instructed.

Thursday morning, disaster!  A catastrophic result from the First Drill’s Inspection, with only 7 members of the Troop not being flanked.  For this failure there will be a price to pay.  Friday, and it is now the time pick ourselves up with the arms drill assessment first thing that morning, despite having little time to cover the syllabus, we pass on our first attempt, hopefully clawing back some credibility with the Training Team.

Later that day, we are stood outside and instructed to empty our pockets, fully anticipating paying the price for our poor performance on Thursday.  We then sprinted to the bottom field and lined up against the fence, looming in all our minds is a painful phys session in the estuary.  We stand in silence waiting for the order into the mud.  Eventually, a member of the Training Team runs towards us, head to toe covered in mud and informs us “the situation as escalated”.  Times up.  We are going into the estuary.  We sprint through the gate and across the train track to find yet again the Troop Commander has fooled us all.  What we receive is a Phase 1 pass out ceremony, including awards handed out, a ration of Port and a hoofing speech from the Company Commander.  Excited at the further prospects of training and a long weekend, we end on a high.  Roll on phase 2.


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