153 Troop Diary – Week 19

153 Troop Diary – Week 19

This week we took part in a lot of bottom field physical training sessions.  We were “crash” training in preparation for BottomFieldPass out the following week.  This involved several hard sessions to prepare us for the test ahead.  We took part in three sessions, one on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday.  Tuesday’s training session consisted of a competitive circuit with the Young Officer trainees.  This pushed us both to our limits with no clear winner.

We also learnt a new weapon system, the General Purpose Machine Gun (GPMG).  We did practice periods throughout the week.  On Thursday the Troop took a weapons handling test on the GPMG.  The Troop as a whole picked up the skills and drills of the weapon quickly and as a result we did our weapon handling test a day early which allowed us to have some extra, more relaxed practice on the following day which was great.  This weapon training culminated in a 25m shoot of the GPMG.  It was exciting to use this weapon system for the first time with live rounds.  Everyone enjoyed this.

The Troop also threw grenades on Thursday at the grenade range on Woodbury Common.  This was the first time for most people and again was very enjoyable.  This week has been interesting but tough at times.  The Troop as a whole feels ready for BottomFieldPass out and some hard earned rest.


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