This week has to have been one of the best in training.  It consisted of learning MUC (Modernised Urban Combat) which, in basic terms, consists of storming buildings or compounds and eliminating enemy threats.  This is the kind of thing most of the lads joined for!  The Platoon Weapons Course took us through most of the training during the week.  All the lads got well into it and, as you can imagine, we all enjoyed the week.  It concluded with going to 40 Commando on the Friday to take a series of buildings with enemy inside.  For this we used simunition, which can only be described as paintballing on steroids – this was hoofing!  Safe to say, all the lads came back to camp with a fair few bruises, even some of the corporals did.


So, all in all a very good week in recruit training; we got brought back to reality a bit with a spot locker inspection on Thursday in which most of the Troop was not up to standard.  The training team was not best pleased with this and it resulted in locker inspections that night and losing a weekend to extra parades for some.  Probably a good thing really with Bottom Field Passout looming.  Just a reminder that we may be close, but not there yet!






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