149 Troop Training Diary – Week 28

149 Troop Training Diary – Week 28


Week 28 was dominated by preparation for the Commando Tests.  We practiced the Endurance Course and the Tarzan Assault Course.  The timed runs gave us an idea of how hard we will have to work to ensure we pass all of these tests.  Unfortunately a number of the Troop had bad chest infections and were unable to perform at their best.  Hopefully we will feel better before the next practice so that we feel fully prepared for the test runs.


We also learnt about the Underslung Grenade Launcher (UGL).  A Section level weapon which allows us to suppress enemy up to 400 metres away.  The weapon was very simple to learn and we quickly picked up the skills.  We all now look forward to firing the UGL next week on field firing.


The week was also occupied with briefs about what life in a Commando unit would be like.  We learnt about the organisation of a Commando unit and the realities of war.  It is the first real opportunity that we have had to talk to the training team in depth about what to expect and we now all feel very excited about the coming weeks.


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