159 Troop Recruit Diary – Week 3

159 Troop Recruit Diary – Week 3


Recruit Goodway, dressed in rig and dripping wet, steps up to the edge of the diving board.  Turning his back to the drop he shuffles his feet over the edge until only his toes are touching the platform, he comes to attention and waits.  “Confidence test,” the Corporal says to the rest of the Troop waiting their turn, “3, 2, 1, GO!”  Recruit Goodway leans backwards into the abyss and meets the water, still perfectly to attention, head first producing an impressively small splash.  “Next!” man steps up, average splash. Next man steps up, back flop! 159 Troop goes crazy! This was how we entered our 3rd week of training, with good humour and challenge, and so far the Troop is loving every minute.


The major event of Week 3 has been moving from Foundation Block to our new accommodation. Kids in a sweet shop best describes the men of 159 Troop as they explored their new double locker space and, even more importantly, the steaming showers that all struggle to leave till they realise they have been scolded!


With a week of preparations that have left us all itching to impress our loved ones, the Troop is ready to deliver on families’ day.  159 Troop’s days have been filled with a lot of cleaning our new accommodation, some exciting movements in drill (slow marching about turns, very goochy!), testing phys on the ropes and circuits and, most interesting of all, Royal Marine Close Quarter Combat.  Building on our first session which covered how to fall safely (a topic Recruit Coster should have paid attention to for use during drill) we are now getting into some really exciting moves including sweeps and neck cranks.


Along with this we are kept busy with military history lectures, weapons handling drills and swimming sessions that leave the Troop burping for hours due to the volume of water swallowed. Overall the Troop has enjoyed an exciting week and although all are ready to return home for a well deserved weekend ashore, all of 159 Troop cannot wait to return for week 4.


So finally, to all families and friends looking forward to our return – BE WARNED!  If 159 Troop is not sleeping this weekend, it will be hunting down food.


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