158 Troop Recruit Diaries – Weeks 1 & 2

158 Troop Recruit Diaries – Weeks 1 & 2

Week One and Two have been a massive shock to the system.  As we all arrived at CTCRM we all had the ‘deer-in-a-headlight’ look on our faces.  Our nerves were not calmed as our Drill Leader, Corporal White (if that is his real name!) approached, greeting us with a stern look on his face.  The first night seemed to last forever as we got to grips with our new surroundings.  The next couple of days were just the same, they dragged on and on and on…

The gym test was enjoyable and we achieved some good scores on them.  A highlight of the first week was getting issued our uniforms and equipment, it felt like Christmas had come early… until we realised that we had to iron and fold every bit of kit and get it squared away for the morning inspections!  Finally, Saturday came so we could go ashore (go to town) into Exeter.  It was hard because we all began to realise what civvie street was like and how none of the restrictions and discipline really applied there.  When we returned we were welcomed with an hour long phys session, just to let us know how relaxed the Royal Marines were!

The Second week seemed to fly by and a couple of the highlights were; the first night in the field, getting issued our own rifles and the swimming circuits.  The worst part was the ropes.  The night in the field was a bit of a laugh, doing sentry and being freezing then jumping into warm sleeping bags and nodding off until being woken by the training team to do a quick phys session to make sure everyone was wearing the right kit and staying warm.  The best part of the night was listening to the rain hit our ponchos and then 10 minutes later hear it fall off having turned to ice!  The end of week 2 was a relief; we moved into proper accommodation, leaving the Foundation Block behind was amazing.


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