158 Troop Chronicles – Week 7

158 Troop Chronicles – Week 7

The week started after a very quiet weekend and everyone was quite slow.  However, surprisingly we all performed pretty well during the IMF session in the gym.  We then packed the stores vehicle ready for Exercise MARSHAL STAR.  The exercise began with a brief from Captain Williams, he told us that the weekend does not start until we have been handed our leave passes, so we realise that we are in for a hell of a week!

On MARSHAL STAR we conducted Section level navigation during the day and begin to learn about range cards and the duties we have as sentries during the night.  When we moved onto Section level night navigations things began to get difficult as we could not see where we were going at all – we would go through gorse and puddles all the time which became very frustrating as it meant we all had to crack Wet and Dry when we got back to the Harbour.

At night we began to get bumped – which means that the Training Team come into the Harbour and move us to another location – it is a complete adrenaline rush at first because usually we were returning fire to whoever was attacking the harbour and then we pack out kit away.  By night three we were absolutely hanging out!  The load carry back to camp was headed by Captain Williams and instead of taking us directly back to camp he took us on a detour.  When we finished the load carry he reminded us to march in step, push our chests out and keep our chins up.  Normally this is not a difficult task but after the load carry we are all struggling to do this.

Thursday night was the de-servicing night but unfortunately we did not pass the inspection on Friday morning.  Therefore Friday night is another de-servicing night and on Saturday morning we had the inspection to see if we deserved our Leave passes.  Only 13 lads managed to pass and got shore leave.  Those that failed were given another chance on Sunday morning and even though some of them did not pass we were all given a few hours off before it started again on Monday.


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