158 Troop Chronicles – Week 6

158 Troop Chronicles – Week 6

This week has been a relatively relaxed week for 158 Troop.  We have spent the majority of the week in lectures, weapon handling and in the gym, with no exercise this week.  We have been working well as a Troop in the gym and producing quite a good ‘beat’.  Out PTI, Corporal Hedley, has been pushing us this week, building towards our Gym Pass Out during Week 9.  We have added new movements to our IMF (Initial Military Fitness) sessions, had extra rope sessions in the evenings and have completed a 4 mile speed march, with a few strengtheners thrown in.

We have had a lot of lectures this week, which means trying very hard not to live up to our nickname of ‘Nods’ and falling asleep during the lectures!  The lectures have covered first aid, map reading and a few other development lectures.  We all had a good laugh at the ‘thinking strategies’ lecture as the staff that did it were very funny!  The main highlight of the week, and what the Troop had been waiting for, was our chance to fire live rounds.  There is a firing range on camp which the Recruits use and it was everything that we had hoped for.  It was quite difficult but we used the training that the Corporals had given us and as a Troop I think we performed pretty well.

Coming to the end of the week the Troop had a very long morning of Drill and we began preparing ourselves for the 4 day exercise next week.  During week 6 we saw the Troop reduce in number due to those who decided the Royal Marines was not for them.  The rest of the Troop ended the week on a high and all enjoyed a good amount of shore leave in Exeter.


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