157 Troop Recruit Diary – Week 8

157 Troop Recruit Diary – Week 8

The first detail of the day was a locker inspection followed by drill.  This involved going over interval drill, in preparation for interval drill pass out in week 9.  After drill we left camp and did our first run in boots and ran 5x 800 metre circuits.  After lunch we had a number of maps reading lectures all on the topic of fixing position and this was followed by a period of IMF in the gymnasium.

The first detail Tuesday was Company Commander rounds where everybody’s lockers, bed spaces and the whole accommodation was inspected and as a Troop we passed it.  Following rounds we had a few hours of CQC learning strikes and then went straight into swimming for a number of different circuits in the pool.  After lunch we had an afternoon of lectures with the first one on drug and alcohol abuse and then onto first aid lectures on hypoxia, burns and casualty movement.

First detail of Wednesday morning was drill; again going over interval drill ready for week 9 pass out.  The next detail on the day was a 3 mile run which also involved some fireman carries; this was our seconds run in boots.  After lunch we collected weapons from the armoury and had some time to clean them ready for unit armourer’s inspection on week 9.

The majority of Thursday was spent off camp with two mountain leaders, learning basic survival skills such as fire making, survival navigation using stars and the sun, contents of a survival tin, shelter making and how to trap animals.

First detail of the Friday was a kit muster laid on our beds, followed by a Royal Marines history lecture between the years 1900 and 1939.  After which we had an IMF period and then lunch.  After lunch we moved down to the bottom field to put into practice what we learnt earlier in the week on fixing position.  We looked over the estuary and picked 3 prominent features and did a resection which allowed us to fix our position on a map.  Later on that night we had a full field kit muster in the drill shed.



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