156 Troop Diary – Week 11

156 Troop Diary – Week 11

Week 11 for 156 Troop had a main focus of introducing rifle shooting and bringing the standard up high enough to pass next weeks ACMT.  Initially the Troop zeroed their weapons so they were individually calibrated to the shooter, meaning more accurate shooting may be achieved.  This started at 100m and progressed to ranges of up to 300m and a representative 400m shoot.


As the week progressed different firing positions were also introduced and drilled, adding a variety of more advanced skills to be practiced.  As a whole, 156 Troop have begun to grasp the wide range of techniques required to successfully shoot.  This has been aided by the guidance of the marksmanship team consisting of some of the Corps best shots.  156 Troop has benefitted doubly from the training teams expertise also.  The Troop soon progressed onto snap shooting where a target must be hit within a certain time frame depending on the distance, shooting position and number of rounds shot.


If the effort levels remain high and the Troop continues in the right direction, next weeks criteria test should not be too much of a hurdle.  Furthermore CQB (Close Quarter Battle) was practiced over the weekend and taught by Corporal Nickless and Sergeant Trout.  This consisted of slinging the weapon, turning and moving in an urban environment and fast target engagement.  These skills will be advanced upon next week during further CQB training.  This requires a higher level of trigger control, movement discipline and a faster, more accurate shot.  (Slow is smooth, smooth is fast) is what we have been taught over the weekend as part of our CQB drills, something we need to maintain over the coming week.


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