The week kicked off with a gruelling bottom field session in the style of ‘crash training’.  This consists mainly of us doing laps of the assault course with our fireman’s carry partner before returning to the start.  This set the theme for the week, which had crash training every morning except Friday.  The afternoons consisted of learning the 7.62 machine gun, the GPMG.  This is a much heavier duty weapon than the SA80 and requires a good amount of aggression to operate it. After the rope climbing and monkey bars in the morning some lads became quite frustrated by their lack of upper body strength.


After everyone had passed their weapon handling test we moved on to live firing on the 25m range.  Everyone seemed to enjoy firing the extremely powerful GPMG, even though in the back of our minds we knew we would be spending the evening cleaning them.  The afternoon finished with the portion of the Troop who had let themselves down with their drills on the range checking that the bottom field was still muddy with some leopard crawling revision.  The week finished on a high as we had no Saturday detail and a lot of the lads managed to get home to see their much missed families.







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