After a post Christmas leave field exercise, Week 17 saw 152 Troop experience  a rare quiet week at Lympstone.  The week started with the Troop finishing their signals training which entailed walking around camp trying to communicate with ‘zero’ and put into practice all the theory learned over the previous weeks.  Although it provided some welcome variety, frustration soon reared its head due to the apparent inability to transmit through ‘man made objects’, ‘dead spots’, and Elliott’s never ending transmissions.


The main focus of the week was Viking training, which meant that the Troop would spend two days and a night at Bovington Camp in Dorset.  Not just two days away from Lympstone and most of the training team, but also 2 ½ hours each way on a coach for extra sleep – morale was high and the Lympstone blues left behind for most.  The first day was largely lecture based, preparing for the practical side the following day.  The prompt 5 o’clock finish and comfortable accommodation meant most were in bed by 7 for the longest night’s sleep since training began.


The second day started with a trip to possibly the coldest swimming pool in the country to learn how to use the underwater re-breather.  This proved tricky for some, although most passed after a few attempts.  The afternoon was spent carrying out embarking and disembarking drills in the Viking – being thrown around in the back and then scrambling out in an orderly fashion.  We then experienced the Viking’s amphibious capabilities, and one diarrhoea stricken recruit having an ‘accident’ while climbing out of the top hatch.  Very few, if any, jokes were made at his expense.


With decent scran in the galley before we left and a long coach trip back to round things off, it was definitely one of the better weeks of training and the perfect set up for a weekend off.







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