Week 21 was a key milestone for the Troop as it was bottom field pass-out week.  With quite a few lads failing there first attempt, it was time to find that extra little something and get the pass out in the bag.  Our first attempt at the pass-out was on Monday morning so we were nice and fresh from the weekend.  The weather conditions were ideal and everyone was in a fighting spirit.  The Troop performed extremely well in the pass out and only two lads did not make the grade, meaning they had to do a re-run on Wednesday.


On the Tuesday we had CBRN lectures.  This took up a majority of the day and gave us some time to recover from the bottom field.  The skills we were learning in these lectures were vitally important as we had a test later on in the week to see if we had taken in the information.  Tuesday evening also included preparing for a very important Adjutants inspection the following morning which meant getting the Brasso and polish out and making sure our drill rig was immaculate.


Wednesday dawned and first thing we had the Adjutants inspection.  We were all extremely nervous about this as we had our reputation as a Troop on the line.  As expected of 151 Troop, our rig was immaculate and for the first time in the Adjutants history at CTC the whole troop managed to pass the inspection.  After this, as a Troop we all had to re-take the bottom field pass out to get the extra ‘phys in the bag’.  The lads who failed the first time really ‘dug out’ in this session but yet again failed to make the grade.  Unfortunately this meant they would be re-trooped into Hunter Company for remedial training.


On the Thursday and Friday we had further CBRN lectures and a few practical sessions in the outdoor stances.  These practical skills were crucial for our next exercise ‘Violent Entry’ as we would be putting these skills into practise in a CBRN serial.  On the Friday we had our final CBRN exam to make sure that we all had the correct knowledge in the subject and that we were confident in our skills and drills.  The whole Troop managed to pass this quite comfortably.


Overall, week 21 was a rather important week with a lot of pass or fail elements to it, but as a Troop we dug out and managed to get through it.  Morale was high in the Troop and we were all looking forward to adventure training the following week, and our next field exercise, Violent Entry.



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