Week 7 of 32 saw the mighty 157 Troop go on their 3rd exercise of training, Exercise Marshal star.  Marshal star was all about map reading and navigation, putting into practice what we have been taught in lectures throughout the previous week.  The first day of the exercise we went round Woodbury Common in sections with our section commanders after mapping the route, writing up route cards and working out bearings.  That evening we were taught how to advance our sentry positions as well as learning how to react at night if we were to come under attack!  Thankfully we only had to put this into practice twice in the night, which was no where near as many as other troops who had spun some horror stories about the exercise. 


The second day we were to conduct another navigation exercise but this time it would be in pairs with a new route to draw up and bearings to be worked out.  The whole Troop successfully completed the paired navigation and that night our training team wanted to challenge us by conducting night navigation on our own.  It was much harder to navigate at night as you had to simply follow your bearings and count your steps to make sure you had not passed your next checkpoint.  We personally found this great fun as it felt like a slice of real soldiering however, due to the fact it was the middle of the night walking across marsh land and through gorse was not much fun.  However, only one person got lost and some how one other recruit managed to lose his webbing, but over all a pretty successful result for the Troop.


The Thursday we returned from Marshal Star we woke up and had our ration pack breakfasts, which are not much of an enjoyable meal.  We then had to conduct a 4 mile yomp back to camp.  When we finally got back to camp there was no time for rest as we had 3 hours of RMCC (Royal Marines Close Combat).  Finally back in our accommodation all we had to do was clean our kit from the field which kept some lads up until late.  Friday we had a kit inspection, first aid and phys, which we also had Saturday morning as the Troops gym pass out is less than 2 weeks away and we can look forward to plenty of exercise leading up to it!


Overall it was a great week of recruit training and although it was cold, fortunately the weather held out and was not too bad.  With gym pass-out and Exercise Hunters Moon coming up, we have plenty of challenges to look forward to.





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