155 Troop Recruit Diary – Week 9

155 Troop Recruit Diary – Week 9


Having heard quite a few stories from the ‘nod-vine’ about Troops before us scraping passes and even failing gym passouts; 155 Troop had mixed emotions.  However, all of us were looking forward to one thing – Jollies on Thursday night and getting through those gates and leaving for Christmas Leave.  All that was in the way was a few phys tests, 2 hours of concentration and absolutely thrashing ourselves on the gym floor.  The week started with a Battle Fitness Test (BFT) in which everyone got well beneath the pass time.  This set us up for the week ahead and a run through of the gym passout on Tuesday resulted in a chuck up being awarded. 


Wednesday – the day before ‘the big one’; we had more gym tests in which everyone gained a good score.  Thursday morning was upon us. One of the most anticipated days so far for 155 Troop’s time at CTCRM.  Not much was said around the rooms that morning.  We marched to the gym and sat in the changing rooms; although motivation was high the overruling sense of nervousness was apparent.  We got called through to the gym and on our spots.  When you saw all the other lads working together busting a gut for each other, 155 Troop that day were hoofing, nothing stopped us; we achieved a high superior in the gym and also a distinction in Jollies for the many pints 155 Troop knocked back that night. 


Week 9 was a turning point for 155 Troop, we all felt it and actually saw that together, 155 Troop are epic and by Phase 2 we will be the best Troop on camp.


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