155 Troop Recruit Diary – Week 8

155 Troop Recruit Diary – Week 8


Entering week 8 was an unknown, however, the week did start with chuck ups for Accommodation Rounds, on the parade ground (in preparation for the drill Passout later in the week) and from our PTI with our progression in the gym.  With RMCC (Royal Marine Close Combat) on the Tuesday, we were progressing in the lessons taught and grasping and practising certain break falls and holds effectively.  Wednesday morning was Company Commanders Rounds in which we were required to perform our cleaning and admin duties to an immaculate standard.  However, this was not achieved with certain areas of the accommodation being overlooked and certain aspects of our lockers not up to standard.  This was definitely a low point for the Troop.  However, our Drill Passout was directly after this, in which after some revision, our inspection and drill was carried out with only pick ups in minor areas. 


This was shortly followed by a run on local roads and rifle lessons rounding off the day’s events.  Or so we thought.  For our poor Company Commanders inspection we were woken in the night, got into our field kit and camped out on the bottom field during a cold night, resulting in fairly low morale.  Thursday was our dreaded day with the Mountain Leaders, on a survival day, learning how to build shelters, start fires and create and lay traps and snares.  The stories we heard from other troops suggested it would not be pleasant.  However, our experience was totally contrary with everyone enjoying the day, resulting in another chuck up.


Friday was another day for learning in the field.  With weather far from ideal we took part in an orienteering navigation event, carried out in pairs.  Seven markers and an hour and a half to complete it, with a prize for the winner.  The event inevitably created teamwork and competition within the Troop, resulting in a good day for learning and Troop bonding.  With Christmas looming, the week had not yet finished.  There was a kit muster and swim on the Saturday with map reading and church on Sunday.  Exercise Hunters Moon is our next exercise after Christmas leave; consisting of navigation and survival.  Essentially week 8 has been one for major lows and highs, increasing the learning and experience gained from each day’s activities.


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