155 Troop Recruit Diary – Week 7

 155 Troop Recruit Diary – Week 7


The start of a very interesting week for155 Troop.  We were heading off to Woodbury Common for Exercise MARSHAL STAR to study camouflage & concealment and navigation.  Over the next few days we would do a night navigation exercise, stalk, judging distance and target indication stances, along with a few hasty moves…..


We had heard a few stories about Exercise MARSHALL STAR being quite a cheeky exercise, so it is sure to say nerves were well set in.  The first day at Woodbury was interesting.  We got there later than usual so after a few lectures in horizontal rain (which proved awkward for taking notes). We were getting ready to bed down.  It was good to see a difference since our first exercise where everyone spent hours setting bivvies up before getting to sleep and having a harbour like Blackpool illuminations.  This time we were using noise and light discipline and were bedded down in under 20 minutes.  Although it was poor conditions the lads did well and the harbour was squared away. 


The next days followed the same order in general, lectures, some remedial training and wet, cold and poor weather.  Being a winter Troop was hitting home for us.  On the last night it was sub zero and we noticed some commotion near a sentry position.  Before we knew it, flashes and bangs were going on and the dreaded words ‘CRASH MOVE!!!’ were being screamed.  We got up and ran back to the bivvies, packed everything up as quickly as possible and went to the emergency rendezvous (ERV).  Having learnt our lesson with some ‘warming up’ we were sent back to ‘stand to’ till the time came for a ‘bimble’ back to camp.  You will NEVER get a lift back to camp from the Common.


The Troop pushed hard and stayed strong on the 5 mile route back and we received a chuck up from the Sergeant on our performance given the conditions.  The Troop learnt a few things over the Exercise; listen, move at 100mph and do not pay too much attention to the ‘Nod Vine’.


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