The start of week 22 the Troop went to Woodbury Common to practise troop and section attacks to prepare us for the upcoming test exercise; Exercise Violent Entry.  The extra practise definitely helped us during the exercise.  Before deploying on the exercise we had to ensure all of the admin was squared away; such as packing our bergan’s, collecting 3 days’ worth of rations, radios were all working and all the kit was in working serviceable order.  On the Thursday evening the Troop deployed on Violent Entry starting with a 10km yomp through the night to a woodblock which we took over and set up a harbour.  The next night the Troop attacked a village with four buildings in it, putting in what we have been taught in the MUC compound we took over the buildings destroying the enemy and defended them.  This was our favourite part of the exercise as we defended the building for two nights in hard cover.


Toward the back end of the week we did a day in the trenches doing CBRN drills, which basically means we were getting gassed and had to put our respirators on and carry out a section attack and casevacing.  After the day was over, the Corporal in charge was very impressed with how we had carried out our drills.  On the final night we harboured up in a woodblock and planned to attack a farm house early in the morning.  At first light we launched an attack on the house with 3 section in fire support and with 1 and 2 section being the assaulting sections.  This was the final attack of the exercise and we learnt valuable lessons as a Troop and we hope to rectify any problems we had in the next exercise, Exercise Final Thrust.


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