148 Troops main focus for week 21 was finally getting bottom field pass-out out of the way.  After previous bottom field sessions where things had not gone to plan, we all knew eyes were on us in order to impress and show our capabilities on the bottom field.  After a relaxed weekend in preparation, the Troop turned up to the session with a positive attitude and feeling strong. Overall the Troop put in a good effort and all but three lads failed.  This put the Troop in high spirits but also in desperation to get the lads who failed through and passed in the up and coming re-runs. After taking a further two attempts two out of the three recruits finally passed, with one being promised a final attempt the following week.  The Troop and training team had nothing but high hopes and support behind the lads as none of them were recruits we wanted to see re-trooped, so it was a big relief to see them able to stay with the Troop.  After passing out of the bottom field, the rest of the Troop began to progress onto endurance circuits in preparation for the commando tests in 10 weeks time.  


The Troop are very excited as the end of training seems to be rapidly coming round and now we are counting down the weeks.  Following on from this the Troop has begun to rehearse the basics behind our King Squad routine.  During drill on the Wednesday the Troop had to pass the Adjutants inspection.  On the ‘nod vine’ (rumour control) we had heard that this inspection was tough with an average of half the Troop being given re-parades.  Due to everyone putting in the effort into their drill rigs the Adjutant had nothing but positive comments about the Troop, saying the standard was not far off King Squad standard, and with a bit more work we would be ready for it.  With numbers being boosted with a few recruits joining from Hunter and the recent positive weeks, morale is back on a high within the Troop which has been noted by members of the training team.  The Troop seems very positive and is looking forward to the coming weeks with Exercise Violent Entry not too far away.



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