148 Troop Recruit Diary – Week 26 & 27

148 Troop Recruit Diary – Week 26 & 27


The week began with the re-runs for the 6 mile speed march to earn the cap comforter. On completion of the speed march it was lectures and preparation for Foggin Tor and the upcoming Final Exercise.  Foggin Tor was a long day and taught us how to perform river crossings and vertical cliff assaults using a variety of different methods and was carried out on Dartmoor.  The day ended with getting kit dried and ready for our Final Exercise.  The following day we received pre-deployment Orders for the exercise and started our battle preparation.


Final Exercise started in Poole with the Landing Craft for the amphibious phase of the exercise.  We were briefed on the different roles of the sections and had rehearsals before the amphibious attack was launched on a plantation and then the exercise began.

The exercise in all was long, hard and cold but very rewarding at the end.  It consisted of everything we were taught in training with tough yomps in the first few days, moving the length of Dartmoor gathering intelligence on targets and clearing any enemy on the positions.  This culminated in the final attack which was carried out on a fort in the Plymouth area, with each section having a different role using all the Troop weapons and utilising night vision.  The exercise overall was very challenging but realistic and ended with a helicopter ride back to camp.



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