This week was the first of two live field firing weeks on not so sunny Dartmoor.  As our coach took us up to WillsworthyRanges on the Monday morning, everyone had their apprehensions; all hoping that nothing would go wrong.  Monday afternoon was spent on the 100m range, zeroing our rifles in preparation for the rest of the week.  Tuesday then progressed us to working in fire teams (4 men), and carrying out a basic assault of a position, before extracting back out again.  This went well and prepared us for Wednesday’s serial – starting off with section level basic assaults.  This was interlinked with the Underslung Grenade Launcher (UGL) teach and practice range (staying dry and firing powder grenades 200m at a target – everyone enjoyed that!).  We then waited out until dark, where we began a night time section level shoot, doing the same as in the day time but with the use of light flares.  This wrapped up Wednesday and everyone got their heads down, in preparation for our final day on the range.

Thursday was dedicated to a Close Quarter Battle (CQB) lane and more UGL practice.  A CQB lane is a narrow passage in which two individuals work together to fight through it – which lends itself perfectly to a stream, ‘Great!!  Although the lads were a little ‘threaders’ about the thought of getting wet on a cold day, the adrenaline took over as soon as the range began and in no time recruits were charging up the stream, oblivious to the water up to their waist; besides, the training team were always on hand to help you overcome your fear of the icy water!  Friday saw us tidy up at Willsworthy ranges and return to camp for a period of personal admin and another Tarzan Course run-through, however only half the recruits made it through as once again, one lad, Recruit Enright, unfortunately injured himself on one of the obstacles and the practice was stopped.  After this, the Troop was debriefed by the Troop Commander and released for the weekend.


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