Known through the ‘nod vine’ as cheeky week, our first week back after Christmas leave was to be exactly that!  The focus of the week is practice on both the Endurance and Tarzan Course for the Commando Tests in week 31.  Monday and Tuesday were relatively relaxed programmes which gave us time to get back into the military routine before starting the Endurance Course on Wednesday.  A nice early start and 4 mile walk up to the start of the course kick-started the morning, before in syndicates of three we were set off for our first timed run through and a live shoot.  Peters Pool and the famous ‘Sheep-dip’ were surprisingly warm for this time of year; however this did not seem to be of advantage as many of the Troop eventually finished over the allotted 73 minutes.

Thursday offered the first attempt at the Tarzan Assault Course (a full high ropes course, followed by a lap of the bottom field and finished up with a 30ft wall climb).  This session was however, cut short as Recruit Clowes took a dive from the top of the cargo net, falling an impressive 25ft onto his back, but gratefully showing nothing but a couple of days off phys for his injuries.  Friday again took us back to the Tarzan Course, and gave everyone their first full run through of the course – however this ended in disappointment again, with the 13 minutes pass mark proving narrowly too fast for some recruits.  Saturday morning was early again as the second run-through of the Endurance Course came about.  As the last opportunity for 147 Troop to get to grips with it before the day of the race, every recruit was raring to go and attacked it with everything they had – this time proving much more positive, and only a few recruits were still unable to complete it in the time given.  

Amongst the run-throughs, recruits received lectures on specialisations and units, realities of war and the Royal Marines Association.  We would now get two weeks of live field firing and one more run through of the Tarzan Assault Course before the infamous Commando Tests.  The end is in sight! 



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