156 Troop Diary – Week 8

156 Troop Diary – Week 8

After Christmas leave 156 Troop was back for the start of week eight.  The week’s priority was to impress our training team, Troop and Company Commanders in accommodation and locker inspections.  Monday started with drill to re-introduce and practice our marching and formation, something we will all perform well in next weeks drill pass out.  After this we went on a booted run around the local roads to clear out the Christmas cobwebs.  The run finished with a fun game of tag British bull dog.

The rest of the week consisted mainly of inspections, admin and very little sleep, with PT, drill and first aid mixed in.  Troop moral began to drop mainly due to the lack of sleep and failing inspections which resulted in Company Commander rounds being postponed until we reached the required standard.  The standard quickly improved after some gentle persuasion and encouragement from our Troop Commander following another field kit inspection.

Thursday, however saw the beginning of a rise in spirits after an informal and enjoyable day on survival taken by the mountain leaders.  Friday again brought moral up with a successful Company Commander inspection and a very enjoyable day of navigation where we were able to get hands on with map reading.  Overall week eight has been well worth the education in admin, bringing the Troop closer and seen us working as a team better.  Lessons learned which will hopefully stand us in good stead for what is to come in later weeks.


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