149 Troop Training Diary – Week 24

149 Troop Training Diary – Week 24

Week 24 of RM recruit training has been focused around the Light Machine Gun (LMG).  Back down in the stances we enjoyed the opportunity to learn about a new weapon.  The LMG was easy to use as it is very similar to the General Purpose Machine Gun.  This meant that the periods were quite relaxed and we picked everything up quickly.  Weapons Handling Tests were conducted in rapid succession and nobody really seemed to struggle.

We conducted Commando Course acquaints throughout the week to give us a heads up on what is now, just around the corner.  The Tarzan Assault course focused on the 12 Foot Wall and the ‘Commando Slide’.  The run around on the Endurance course allowed us to go through all of the obstacles without webbing and we now understand why we have to work so hard on the Bottom Field.  The two tests that we tried are a complete hang out!

On Friday we completed the 12 mile load carry, the morning was crisp but the weather was on our side as it did not rain and after the morning fog had lifted we had good visibility.  Only one member of the Troop was not successful on the Load Carry and we wish him the best of luck for his next attempt.  The Troop now look forward to a Week of amphibious training in Poole and a bit further forward to our final field exercise.


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