Returning from Christmas Leave the morale of the Troop was high after visiting our family and friends.  Everyone was excited and ready to get back into training, we were all looking forward to a week of live field firing on Dartmoor Training Area (DTA).  Monday started with a move down to DTA where we completed a check zero on our weapons.  Tuesday commenced early with a phys session, first phys back from Christmas Leave!  The lads put 100% into this and proved to the training team that we had kept our fitness levels up over leave.  We then headed down to the range to hopefully live fire.  Due to the weather fouling the range we spent the majority of the day running though dry drills and correcting the pick up points.  This was good as it got all the worries out of the way and the lads felt confident to crack on with firing live rounds the following day.  The training team also took us all down to the Underslung Grenade Launcher (UGL) range where we conducted an excellent shoot.  It was thoroughly enjoyable and the majority of lads hit the target.
The following day started with another phys session which again went well.  We then had breakfast and moved onto the range.  It was a lot clearer so the lads were hoping the range would be good to fire on – it was.  We got straight into it, the first Section were up and impressed the training team as they did very well with just a few pick up points.  All the other Sections then went though the first part of live firing and another day ended well.  The lads were chuffed with their performance.  We really enjoyed the day feeling a lot more confident and not so nervous about firing live rounds.  Everyone had put in 100% and was looking forward to the next day.  Thursday started well, 2 Section carried out a full section attack and it again went very well.  On completion of the section attack we then split into two groups.  One went onto a Close Quarters Battle (CQB) lane; the other went to fire the UGL again. The CQB lane that the training team had set up for us was really good fun.  It showed off everyone’s skills and fitness.  Everyone really enjoyed it.  Despite the poor weather all the lads wanted to do it again!  Unfortunately we ran out of time and we had to clear the ranges up, pack kit away, clean weapons and sort all the stores out.  Once complete we headed back to CTC.  On arrival at camp the lads were in agreement that it was one of the best weeks in training.


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