This was our first exercise in phase two of training and our first tactical exercise.  Monday was spent on camp where we had lectures on subjects relevant to the upcoming exercise.  We covered surveillance and the correct ways of describing people, vehicles and weapons using the relevant mnemonics.  We also learnt about observation post’s (OP’s).  We learnt how to build them and how they work ready for use in the field.  The highlight of the week was the journey to Woodbury Common where the exercise was based.  Our Troop Commander had arranged for an American military helicopter (a Huey) to take us from CTCRM to Woodbury.  So six men at a time, we flew up and took up arcs providing all round defence on the landing zone.

Over the next few days we conducted Recce Patrols and Observation Posts always navigating through the RV system that we had been taught.  We received full sets of orders each evening behind light screens and then carried out our mission.  The hardest thing on this exercise was the sleep deprivation; we did not do a lot of phys but were constantly exhausted.  This was one reason a lot of the Troop struggled with this exercise and quite a few mistakes where made!  Overall this was a busy week for 151 Troop, a lot to learn and a lot to improve on for next time!



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