157 Troop Diary – Week 3 & 4

157 Troop Diary – Week 3 & 4

Week 3 saw 157 Troop move out of the Foundation Block and into our new accommodation.  Preparations began for Families Day, with regular periods of drill and IMF to bring the Troop up to standard to look sharp in front of our families.  The regular sessions on the ropes gave the lads an introduction to tendonitis and reminded the Troop of the benefits of using the correct technique when hauling ourselves up a 30 foot rope.  The week passed swiftly, with lots to take in, including lectures and basic weapons training.  Accumulating in Families Day and a well deserved long weekend, giving the lads time to unwind and prepare for life out of foundation. 

Week 4 and 157 Troop were given a warm welcome back to Lympstone after a long weekend ashore, with double IMF and swimming to ease back into Royal Marines training.  Morale was high when we were taken into the field on Exercise First Step, which was an introduction into basic field skills, learning to keep ourselves and equipment in working order and maintain discipline and high standards.  After returning from the field, the rest of the week was spent preparing for our weapons handling test in week 5, making sure our knowledge and drills were up to mark.  With the week coming to an end, 157 Troop, where given the opportunity to make their mark in the estuary with the infamous ‘mud run’.


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