The week started with the Troop doing bottom field pass out on the Monday, a week early.  The majority of the Troop passed first time, those that did not had two more attempts and all but two passed by Wednesday.  From the Tuesday onwards the Troop was taught Modern Urban Combat (MUC), this is a method used in clearing built up areas by the Royal Marines.  The Tuesday and Wednesday was spent learning and rehearsing the drills for this, including assaulting the training compound on camp with the use of simunition.

Wednesday night the Troop was put on 15 minutes notice to move, ready to deploy to the ‘Mike Jones’ compound, a Special Boat Service (SBS) training facility.  The Troops mission was to clear the compound of enemy forces.  This was a great experience and a deviation to other Troops who usually spend the day at Norton Manor Camp.  On completion of this evolution we were fortunate to have the SBS demonstrate how they clear compounds, as well as a demo of entering compounds with the use of explosives, even getting to practice this ourselves.  The day then finished with the SBS giving a demonstration of how they use dogs, which involved one of the troop members getting into a ‘bite suit’, this was quite entertaining for the rest of the troop.

The consensus of the Troop was that this was the best day of training so far and thanks to the Troop Sergeant for arranging this for us.


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