157 Troop Diary – Weeks 1 & 2

157 Troop Diary – Weeks 1 & 2

The Foundation period was a hectic and exhausting experience for the majority of the Troop.  As a Troop we have a very diverse mix of people, from age range to upbringing, which may have contributed to some of the members of the Troop experiencing difficulties in the transition from civilian to military life.  Some recruits are from large families and therefore familiar with sharing facilities and room space and some recruits have no siblings, and have never had to share anything; certainly not with over fifty other recruits. 

The main obstacles facing the Troop however were not the early mornings or the constant fatigue but the feelings of homesickness that I would imagine had an impact on most new recruits as they first join the Royal Marines.  The majority of the Troop was well prepared for the physical hardships that they would be experiencing during recruit training, but there was not much that could mentally prepare us for such an experience.  As a result of this, some recruits retreated into themselves for the first few weeks and others liked to make themselves heard and issued orders to the Troop. 

All in all, the Troop are settling in nicely now and I think most of the difficulties that were bringing the Troop down are behind us now.  Certain members of the Troop were dreading the wet and dry exercise that we would soon be participating in but as a result of us falling foul of the rules of the PTI’s orders we got to experience what wet and dry will be like, albeit briefly.  With that behind us we are looking forward to the next phase of training with optimism.


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