156 Troop Recruit Diary- Week 5

156 Troop Recruit Diary- Week 5

Week 5 started with an early morning Troop 4 mile run in boots to wake us up after a relaxing weekend.  The intensity of life at CTCRM is starting to increase as the Troop are bonding and starting to learn more skills.  On Tuesday we received a weapon handling test which included all the drills needed to make us safe and competent on the rifle.  It also meant we could fire blank rounds later in the week.

Wednesday morning we headed off to Woodbury Common training area for Exercise QUICK COVER.  We started the exercise with a field lesson on observation, why things are seen and panoramic drawings; we then put these skills into action on our first observation stance.  We spent the rest of the day in the lovely crisp chill of Woodbury Common learning the art of fieldcraft.  It was a welcome break not having an iron or washing machine in the field; however we still had to keep on top of cleaning our weapon, our kit and ourselves to ensure a good performance on our morning field inspections.

On Thursday afternoon we had a lecture on camouflage and concealment from Cpl Jackson, a Royal Marines sniper who is an expert in this art.  This lead to the Troop dressing up as bushes and covering our faces in cam cream and trying to hide from the Corporals, an impossible task as they are all such legends at everything.  After a cold tiring few days on the Friday we learnt methods of fire and manoeuvre which built up to firing blank rounds at targets positioned out down a close quarter battle lane.  This raised Troop morale and was seen as a highlight for the week. The ‘Yomp’ back to camp was made a lot better by a delivery of burger and chips for lunch from the Troop Sergeant.  All in all, a good week with the whole Troop enjoying a hot shower and warm bed at the end of it.


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