155 Troop Diary – Week 6

155 Troop Diary – Week 6

A fairly chilled out week compared to training in weeks 1 – 5, never an easy week, just not as intense.  The main aim of this week was to learn the basics of map reading.  Some may say this is boring but many of the Troop took a keen interest in the subject, the lesson went on for hours but there was never really a dull moment because the crack we were having with Captain Adams made things relaxed and a better atmosphere to learn in.  The map reading lectures are to prepare us for Exercise MARSHALL STAR next week.

Along with the week being chilled out and relaxed, the best part of the week for many of us was our visit to 40 Commando Royal Marines in Taunton for our first live firing on a 25m range.  The highlight of the day was our tour of 40 Commando’s accommodation and the camp in general, visiting the gym and memorial garden along the way.  The day was very enjoyable and all the lads came away from it full of morale and even more determined to earn their Green Beret.  One more thing, the Troop got a group average of 27mm on the 25m range, which we were told was the best for any Recruit Troop so far.

The rest of the week was filled with lectures, a little bit of IMF (gym), a 4 mile run in our boots, 4 hours of drill on a Saturday morning and then the weekend to ourselves.  The Troop feel well bonded now and all have a good crack and help each other.  We all went out on Saturday night and had a few drinks and enjoyed the social side to training as a Troop.  We are looking forward to drill passout and gym passout in week 9, but collectively as a Troop it is all about Christmas Leave and two weeks off, so we all want to leave things on a high and smash both passouts.


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