149 Troop Diary – Week 21

149 Troop Diary – Week 21

Week 21 of Royal Marine recruit training has been dominated by BPT.  On Monday morning we moved to the Bottom Field to conduct our pass out.  After filling up on breakfast and hydrating over the weekend we had one last fiddle with our webbing to make sure it was comfortable.  The weather was good and rope climbs were not too bad.  The extra adrenaline made it easy to run around the assault course and the fireman’s carry was just a case of manning up.  Finally it came down to everyone’s favourite – the re-gain.  Most of the Troop did not struggle although some had to have a second attempt.

Only one failure on BPT gave a good morale boost to the Troop.  And the rest of the week was occupied with CBRN training and the final exam.  We look forward a weekend without training and Adventure Training next week.  Christmas does not seem too far off now; only Exercise VIOLENT ENTRY stands between us and a much needed break.


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