156 Troop Recruit Diary – Week 4

156 Troop Recruit Diary – Week 4

Week 4 consisted of lots of phys, particularly camp circuits, rope work, sprints and upper body exercises.  As a Troop we have improved significantly since we arrived almost a month ago, we are all now climbing the ropes 6 and a half times, compared to just 2 which we were able to do 2 weeks ago.  We have spent a lot of time getting to grips with our personal weapons in preparation for our weapon handling tests next week.  Whilst we still spend hours ironing our uniform and cleaning our accommodation, we are getting quicker at both with practice, which can result in a reasonably early night (sometimes!)  The Troop is gelling and we are achieving more as a unit because of this.  Whilst all of our timings throughout the working day are extremely tight, we are now working for each other to ensure we do not have to do things twice!

We started map reading this week, with some members of the Troop more experienced than others.  We will continue with the lessons prior to using them in the field on exercises in the next few weeks.  The main serial of the week was Exercise FIRST STEP.  Basically we spent a day on Woodbury Common receiving a variety of demos and lessons before practicing what we had been taught.  We spent the night in the field and remained relatively dry, before an inspection in the morning, which went better for some than others!  The exercise finished with a march back to camp, about 4 miles, before cleaning our weapons and kit and finally getting a hot shower!



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