154 Troop Diary – Week 8

154 Troop Diary – Week 8

It has been a mixed week for 154 Troop with a combination of highs and low points.  Training is continuing to get more exciting and challenging however the Troop are still lacking in some areas which naturally results in longer hours and more inspections.  The biggest lesson this week has definitely been working as a team and not as individuals but it is a lesson we have all taken on board.

The main concern of the week has been the week 9 Gym Passout which is closely approaching.  Some of the Troop are still struggling with the rope climbing and now the pressure is on to work hard and master it before it is too late.  With everyone digging out and giving maximum effort in the gymnasium and throughout evening sessions we are getting closer though. 

On Tuesday we had our first Company Commander’s inspection of the accommodation which we passed with only a few debrief points which we were all happy with, proving our personal administration is now reaching a high standard.  With the number of inspections we have had now though it is little wonder that we managed to make the grade.

Wednesday saw the introduction of our Lovat trousers as part of our new drill uniform, as well as white belts and bayonet scabbards.  Another piece of kit to prepare and polish ready for each drill period but a step closer to our full uniform we will wear as the King’s Squad.  We also completed our interval drill pass out (drill without weapons), which saw us progress to taking weapons on to the parade ground to start arms drill. 

Thursday was the most interesting evolution of the week and our first experience of the Mountain Leader (ML) branch and Survive Evade Resist Extract (SERE) training.  After a brief period of ML remedial phys we started the days evolutions which included the setting up of traps, shelters, fire lighting and navigation in a survival situation.  The main lesson being how to best improvise in order to survive and would prepare us for Exercise HUNTERS MOON and ultimately any of our field exercises from now on.  Everyone thoroughly enjoyed the day and took a lot away from the experience, particularly the importance of having a clean clasp knife.

Finally on Friday we finished the week with a static map reading stance on Woodbury Common, having already completed one on the Bottom Field of camp.  This really confirmed everything we had been taught over the last few weeks and was good to be able to put it into practice.  Most of us got the resection spot on and made the use of the rare sunny conditions to go through extra practice examples to sharpen our skills.  All that was left was to march back to camp which we all stuck with, finding it much easier having not spent the majority of the week in the field.




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